Dawnbreaker Collective Lyrics

Mi canción favorita de Dawnbreaker Collective (por Ray Loo)


I use to view you from afar, wondered if I'd see your stars-
Here I am under your sky- with your people, eye to eye-
Do they know the Nightingale of Paradise is in their midst?
Do they know the Nightingale of Paradise and you have kissed?
I hope that Peace will greet you soon- but until that flower blooms-
I leave you a Rose, I leave you the Word- I leave you the lovers of His Wine-
And a song to keep you strong- until the day when you will shine-
In the Glory you will shine- the Greatest Glory-

Good morning, good morning Israel-
I'm leaving, so I'm singing my farewell-
My last sunrise, a sweet goodbye-
I got a ticket for noon- won't see your Moon tonight.

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